Busted Carrying Cannabis before Opening Fire at Police Officers to Escape -The Story of Sacked Gambian Soldier Nuha Arrested at Barrow’s State House

Three years since Yaya Jammeh went into exile, Gambia’s security have turned frail with soldiers, the unit meant to guard the nation against aggression, often found wanting.

Gone are the days army men are rounded up for mutiny. It appears the current vice with them now centres around armed robbery, thieving and drug peddling.

Photo: Nuha is a graduate of Farafenni secondary school

The last two months alone, twelve personnel of the army have been served dismissal letters never to serve in the security sector Nuha Conteh included.

Conteh becomes the latest to be wielded the axe. His crime churned most stomachs last week after it emerged he was caught in possession of Cannabis. Personnel of Gambia military have come to be long accused of trading in prohibited Indian hem using their feared uniform as disguise and liaising with middle-men in the trade to argument their paltry earning.

Photo: Nuha was member of the Infantry

Conteh’s incident pours those claims over to the surface once more.

A graduate of Farafenni High School batch 2003 and one of those to be assigned to watch over the presidential villa, Nuha was in Kalagi -a small town boasting no less than 2,825 inhabitants in the West Coast Region -when the incident occurred.

He was on board a vehicle and surfaced there to pick his usual mold of cannabis for onward transfer to the capital before suspicious officers at the Kalagi Police Station halted him.

Photo: Nuha

Busted and sensing looming apprehension, Conteh quickly hopped into his vehicle after brandishing a gun to scare off unarmed officers and firing into the air.

He would speed to State House where president Barrow leaves for sanctuary, sources said.

Meticulous tailing, especially the military vehicle’s number plate he drove, unraveled his identity leading to his subsequent arrest at the presidential villa.

Court-martial followed early this month with drugs peddling, in possession of prohibited substance and bringing the army’s image to a disrepute among the myriad of allegations slapped on his face all of which he was found wanting of.

A sideline investigation shows he was strained with a white lady dubbed Frances Curtis thirty-six weeks ago who accused him of fraud -a claim he is yet to reply to.

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