PHOTOS: Attack Shows off Car Again 7 Months after Fetching Over D3million in Album Concert

Singer Attack sure appears to be on cloud nine flaunting his ride yet again.

The fast rising starlet looked all thrilled up in a collage of pictures surfacing of him posing rather enthusiastically leaning on his red baby.

It’s seven months since his odd defying concert he launched at Qcity, a venue holding a capacity of at least 15,000 entrants, fetching little over three million Gambian dalasis In ticket sales alone.

Photo: Attack

Titled Deal BI, Abdoulie Gaye’s decision to stage his show around end of last year raised a plethora of worries amid genuine concerns his launching might turned a fiasco given Jizzle and ST were booked for November and December respectively.

Of another source of predicted disenchantment was the stadium which he had looked to rent out was already doled out to the aforesaid aces who have inevitably become his competitors in the trade.

However, unabashed, Attack made do with Qcity as venue – a decision he certainly doesn’t seems to be pulling regrets over after he pocketed about the same amount Jizzle raked up for his Scorpion concert with ST Brikama Boyo the sole man commanding double the three million dalasis both artiste managed.

In the newest pictures seen of him by Gambia News, Attack appeared quite relaxed, striking rather hilarious poses with the caption “fu*k depression this is the happy life expression”.

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