Fatu Camara Raises Eyebrows over Barrow’s Latest Mansions Worth Millions of Dalasis

Fatu Camara has raised qualms with Barrow’s life style over the president’s two mansions.

The journalist’s derides of the status quo began with her accusation of First lady Fatoumatta Bah-Barrow of being behind the onslaughts on Sierra Leone’s first lady Bio.

The mother-of-two came under attack predictably, from the head of state’s backers amid heated exchanges online.

Today, she posted a picture blurring president Barrow’s two wives who were cutting a cake in the background of what appeared Barrow’s latest mansion in his Mankamang Kunda village.

Ms Camara believes Barrow building his first mansion was understandable but felt the second was objectionable.

Photo: The house in the background of this picture is believed to be worth millions

“When news of President Barrow’s first house in his home village broke, I was among the people who thought it was ok. Adding that our President needs somewhere comfortable to be in when he visits his village.

“Now this picture below is his second house making it two in less than 4 years. Honestly Mr. President somethings even if they are free, you shouldn’t be accepting them. Your people, are living on less than D50 a day, roads are bad, hospitals are under-equipped, bad economy, many are suffering Mr. President.

“Please for Allah’s sake, two mansions in Mankamang Kunda is enough, please. It looks like a mosque is being constructed right across the street from the house.

“Oh Africa, God please help change some of our leaders. Help them understand that being President is not all about enriching oneself at the expense of the whole nation,” she wrote hours ago.

The post prompted reactions from the journalist’s aficionados demanding probing into the mansions.

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