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Witness: “David Colley Appointed His Relatives at the Prisons Finance Department”

Former prisons top dog David Colley has been fingered of positioning his immediate family members to handle finances in an alleged spree of nepotism at the country’s prison department.

Colley headlined Gambia’s jail centre until his arrest in the wake of Jammeh’s ouster.

Later accused of conspiring in the brutal annihilation of ex-APRC stalwart Baba Jobe, who it turned out was suffocated to death, Colley this afternoon faced fresh charges of tribalism including running the prison services with nepotism tendencies.

“It was not only tribalism. David Colley brought nepotism as well,” Ansuma Manneh ex-prison director revealed to a commission investigating former head of state Jammeh’s 22-year tyranny in The Gambia.

Continuing on his charge, Manneh said: “David Colley’s immediate nephew was the immediate deputy director of prisons. Our finance department, only his relatives were there. All the boys taking his orders are his relatives. Most of these boys came Kanilai.”

“There was this day, I brought someone by the name Sambou to him, first thing he (David) asked me was “what tribe is he?”. I asked him why asked for his tribe? He laughed and I laughed and went but that statement hurts me to this day,” Ansumana said.

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