EXPOSED: With over 250,000 Dalasis as Salary…. Here Is How Much Barrow Has Made Since Becoming President

How much president Adama Barrow rakes home every month has been a source of real mystery with the head of state’s salary cap often hidden in the nation’s budget.

It’s a requirement for a sitting head of a state to declare his assets prior to taking up the mantle to shepherd the country.

However, Barrow shunned this and is still to comply 3 years since replacing Jammeh, sparking lingering question marks over how much he earns or has fetched so far.

Social media was awash with stories of Barrow’s worth this week after pictures of his two gigantic millions worth mansions were displayed.

However, Dou Sanno , adviser to the president, rather inadvertently exposed how much his boss pockets. Gingered up by Fatu Camara’s recent comment, Sanno responded justifying Barrow deserves whatever he builds.

Photo: Dou Sanno’s revealing comment

In the comment, the UDP-turned NPP stalwart gave away how much, pegging it at around little over D250,000 per month.

In a simple arithmetic, it means Barrow has scored roughly little over three million Gambian dalasis every year when 250,000 is multiplied by thirty-six months (3 years) totaling over nine million (9,000,000) dalasis.

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