2-time Jail-breaker Says Prison Boss David Colley Stole Cow Legs Meant for Inmates

Guinea-born convict Soriba Conde says prison boss David Colley took better part of cow slaughtered for inmates.

Jailed for thievery in Guinea where he escaped to Senegal before arriving in Gambia and getting jailed for 14 years for breaking into shops, Conde said prisons personnel stole rations meant for inmates.

Explaining what obtained at Gambia’s correction centre during Jammeh’s tenure from 2007, Soriba told of how prisoners officers stole donations meant for detainees including meat.

“We will see on Tv that goods have been donated meant for prisoners but we will not see anything. We only eat proper meat during Muslim feasts,” he said, revealing he is nine months away from completing his 14-year sentence.

Photo: Soriba Conde is nine months away from completing his 14-year term

“Bulls will be slaughtered and the meat meant for inmates will be shared among officers. David Colley (prison boss) is given the two legs always and rest of the better parts is shared by prison officers while us, inmates, are given intestines or veins,” the 40-year-old divulges.

Shifting to the deplorable conditions of prisoners, in his testimony before rights abuse investigating commission, TRRC, Conde confirmed inmates dying of beriberi while others got cuffed for more two years in their cells.

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