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“Why Not Lock It Down Forever?” Gambians React to Barrow’s State of Emergency Extension

Gambians appear irked by Barrow’s decision to extend the state of public emergency over the coronavirus.

Government today revealed it’s move to add another 21 days restricting movements at its borders.

Reactions to the initiative have been more than unwelcoming amid public outcry over drop in sales.

Majority had thought lock down regulations will be loosen after following reopening of public places.

On the State House official social media page alone, flood of comments appeared against the decision with most calling it “unwise”.

“Why not lock it down forever for your own pocket ? Is that what your law books tells you? How much do you have in your account, then how much does that street traders at the back of your three-store building in Mankamang Kunda have? How much did you give to people to support them? What is the measure of your interest in our lives?
Bulel Barrow you have no pity,” Bulli Sowe said.

Ensa AB Ceesay added: “Mr President, Adama Barrow this is utterly nonsensical. You’re not sensitive to the plight of Gambians. You have time and time again abuse the very constitution that you are supposed to defend, protect and respect. You’re becoming a Dictator.”

“Another state of emergency for 21 days, are you kidding me. Barrow’s government is a complete joke, all countries are slowly opening up in phases, why continue to make our poor people suffer?,” Love Muhammed Bah said.

Kekuta Njie chipped in: “no single comment in favour of the government, I declare this a failure from the state. This what happens to betrayers.” 

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