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“Baba Jobe Knew He Was Wanted Dead”

Nine years from his demise, a new claim has emerged suggesting Baba Jobe knew he was wanted dead through food poisoning.

Jailed for money laundering and a plethora of economic crime allegations, Jobe, it emerged last year, was strangled to death by former president Jammeh’s hit-men.

The ex-majority leader at parliament left his prison camp after falling ill leading to his hospitalisation at the RVTH.

In confessions by Jammeh’s assassins before commissioners at the TRRC last year, the Karantaba-born was suffocated by on the directives of Jammeh who feared his ally knew too much and could expose him.

A dispatch relating to his death was later issued which, it occurred, was doctored in concealment efforts by government attributing his death to hypertension.

Photo: Ex- president Jammeh feared Baba Jobe could leak his dirty financial dealings and so arranged for his murder

However, new details have emerged of how Jobe, a bosom of Libya’s late leader Gaddafi, lived in constant fear for his life while doing time in prison.
Telling commissioners investigating right abuses under Jammeh’s regime, convict Soriba Conde said Baba suspected he was wanted liquidated.

“Baba Jobe never trusted the food given to him by prison officers. He knew they wanted to kill him through food poisoning. So I used to arrange food for Baba Jobe. I will talk to one of the boys to tie food and throw it over to my cells which is in fact an offense. So he (Baba Jobe) ate from that while in prison,” Guinean-born Conde, expected to be pardoned after his moving testimony today afternoon, said.

Photo: Soldier Omar Jallow was a Jammeh’s hit man and took part in the killing of Baba Jobe

An erstwhile driver prior to his apprehension, trialing and subsequent jailing for 14 years, Conde was first jailed in his native Guinea and Senegal but escaped via jail breaks.

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