With 2020 Half Gone, A Look At Who Is the Best Singer So Far….Is It Jizzle, ST, Cess Ngom or O-Boy?

2020 will be best remembered next year for bringing things to a halt including music. However, some artistes refuse to be held back by the Coronavirus pandemic and have been shooting to reach heights.

Gambia News takes a keen look at which artiste is the best singer so far six months into 2020 relying mostly on their Youtube views.


Photo: Jizzle

Jerreh Jallow is the reigning champion of the Gambian music industry and is one of those still consistent notwithstanding what corona has thrown his way. He has been plotting a collaboration song with a Ghanaian artiste scheduled to be released soon. The 25-year-old and father-of-one has let off five songs namely Work and Pray (54,000 views), Where Was You ( 51,000 views), Gang Gang (96,000 Views), Jealousy (180,000 views), Only (174,000) and Coronavirus (21,000 views). Total Views: 576,000


Photo: ST Brikama Boyo

Multiple-award winning star ST Brikama is a record breaker in the game and dared fetched a whopping six million in one night at his album launch December last year.

After suffering a glitch at start of last term due to a stand-off with his wife over an alleged fling with dancehall diva Sophia Byass, ST wasn’t heard of again until around October 2019, dropping build-up songs before his album concert. However, that aside, he has released at least four new hits in 2020 one of them being video of a vibe he cooked last December (Kodo).

The following are his releases; Baba Lettero (232,000 views), Coronavirus (116,000 views), Sunkang (99,000 views) and Kodo (422,000 views) ………Total Views:869,000


Photo: O-and Gambian Child

O and cousin Gambian Child are the most popular home-based Gambians on Youtube, fetching million views in virtually all their songs. Coronavirus was their last let off. The pair have a combined three songs this year but certainly pull more Youtube money than any Gambian singer. Consistency should earn her possible nomination into the artiste of the year category January 2021.

Songs: Kaabu Mansa (317,000 views), Chopoti (583,000 views) and Coronavirus (130,000 views). Total views: 1,030,000 views.


Photo: Cess

Frances Ngom is competing this year love it or loath it. She has been quite active and has garnered the views to stand shoulder to shoulder with rest of the big boys of the arena. Her genre has been rotational, thriving in all of them with ease. From music videos to content, all have been top notch.

Releases: Diva (23,000 views), Jeggeh Simah (466,000 views) and Don’t Give Up (26,000 views). Total Views: 515,000 views.

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