From Basketball to Music -David, The Gambian Earning Nominations at International Music Awards

Like all youngsters, David grew up hoping to leave his mark in the globe.

His first trip to fame began with basketball, starring in the top flight but an injury, precisely sustained in the knee, ended his craft and forced his switch of career.

Unable to cut it in sport which had his plans to scoop league awards go up in smoke, he felt the need to fetch a degree in a quick refocus to life. Earning qualifications in deejaying turned a requisite. Growing up, he’d had a listening hear for music and this decision made his choice much easier.

Photo: David Jay

Securing his badges, he took up the trade starring at events before opting for a change of scenery to explore how things are done in the United States. This set the motion buttons and he developed contacts in the trade.

After a moment of pause, the urge to try music, as an artiste, gained prominence in his mind and being the go-getter he is, he did not look back.

Photo: David jay

“I got into a Djeeying for a while and I thought I could get my own song that led to my move to Malmo Sweden,” he tells Freshzone TV in 2018.

In retrospect, his transfer to music is no coincidence for a man who was star struck when the likes of Buju Bantang and Shaba Ranks sang.

Photo: David Jay

Today, the 33-year-old, whose mother a Danish and father a Gambian, is booked for events around the world.

His works are well recognised and earned nominations for the song of the year Club Awards 2017 and for the upcoming artiste category of the Celebrate Africa Awards 2014.

Photo: Shooting his song with Simmi

His genre is RnB or Soul but bucked the trend of Afro-beat Afro-hip hop making recently. Testament of this is his Party Again release with Ghana’s Simmi done February this year.

Photo: David is a proud legit Gambian

Unlike most famous Gambian descents who will relate with The Smiling Coast when it fit their brand, David Jay is a regular of Gambia.

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