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Prisoner: “Basse’s Commissioner Striped Me Naked, Tied Me Upside Down and Poured Acid in My Anus over a Woman Issue”

Basse’s Police commissioner Nfamara Jallow is mired in a ghastly story after a prisoner accused him of torture by acid.

A right commission investigating violation under Jammeh’s regime heard how the aforesaid security chief purportedly meted out excruciating torture to his alleged victim Samba Doro Bah.

Fighting back tears as he told his gruesome story, Bah said he’d dashed to his residence upon being told armed police had stormed his home.

Explaining, he said he was byonated by an officer Omar Dumbuya upon arriving on the head as blood spilled over allegations of the murder of a certain Serahule man and armed robbery -charges he denied.

“I was cuffed in front of my kids and family and beaten from my home to the Basse Police Station where I found Nfamara Jallow who told me “you remember you and I had a woman issue?” to which I replied “yes”. Then officers descended on me beating me gleefully. Then I was taken to a secluded rice field where Jallow ordered I be stripped naked and tied with a rope upside down. Then he pulled out D100 and asked Omar Dumbuya to buy him an acid bottle. I have never known what acid was until that day. He took out what looked like a brush and dipped it into the acid bottle until it got wet and spread my leg and put in in my private parts (anus),” Samba said.

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