REVEALED: Step By Explanation of How Baba Jobe Was Fed Poisoned Meat then Taken to Hospital to be Finished by Jungulers

New details are pouring onto the surface suggesting how Baba Jobe died eight years following the former parliament majority leader’s annihilation.

Government had pinned his death, in a dispatch, to high blood, claiming he was healthy before his passing in 2011 -a communique unraveled as a concealment effort of wrong doing after Jammeh’s killers revealed last year Jobe was in fact suffocated by them on Yaya’s order.

Jammeh and Jobe were close allies but fell out leading to the latter’s arrest, trialing on economic charges and subsequent jailing for nine years.

Having completed his time passed by the courts, it turned out Baba continued to he held in illegal detention at the Mile II Prison amid reports Jammeh feared Baba could expose his illicit dealings if freed.

Photo: Samba Doro Bah warned Baba not to eat the poisoned meat

Soon, a plot to get rid of Baba was being hatched purportedly on the directives of Jammeh, aimed at ensuring his erstwhile bosom doesn’t leave the correction centre alive.

Jammeh’s hit-men stunned the nation after they confessed to suffocating Baba to death while a warden stood by at the door after the jungulers had stormed the RVTH hospital in the wee hours of the night.

However, a new theory has surfaced today of what happened before Baba was hospitalised.

Testifying before investigating commissioners, Samba Doro Bah, a friend of Baba Jobe in Mile II, today told of the moment the Ex- APRC bigwig was poisoned in a deal of sheer conspiracy involving former prison boss David Colley.

“Aziz Tamba was Jammeh’s uncle. He was brought to participate in the killing of Baba Jobe. I asked people to observe what he is going to do. During those times, David Colley (prison boss) called Aziz Tamba to his office. Everybody went except me because I was a Mess boy,” Doro, a death row inmate said.

He continued: “Tamba then suggested I talk to Baba Jobe to accept for his wife (Tamba’s partner) to cook food for him (Baba since he was not eating the prison’s food). He managed to convince Baba Jobe who agreed. Baba came to me and told me about this. I told him “Baba you are not wise, you told me Aziz Tamba is here to kill you, why would you agree to accepting food coming from his wife?” He said, “don’t worry just let me take the food”.

Photo: Omar Jallow, a soldier and Jammeh hitman, confessed to taking part in the suffocation of a sick Baba Jobe at his hospital bed

“One day, I found a bowl full of meat in Baba’s cell. I asked him where did you get this? he said “Aziz Tamba brought me this.” I told him did you eat, he said,” boy I have eaten small deh”. I told him not to eat the rest of the food so we can observe what happens to the food. By day break, the food turned dark and was producing some slippery water. After two days, Baba told me “Samba what you said about the food is true deh because it looked like it was poisoned. See how my neck has gotten swollen with a finger-size boil growing on it”. After three days, he (Baba Jobe) was taken to hospital next minute I was told he was dead.”

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