Jizzle Close to Hitting Million Views for the First Time

Scorpion Jizzle is on the cusp of reaching his first million views.

No Gambian artiste apart from O-Boy and Gambian Child have secured a million viewership in one video.

However, Jizzle looks close to recording this mile stone and it’s his Turn By Turn song getting him the clout.

Photo: Turn By Turn has gotten 10,00 likes

Premiered eight months ago, the song’s message earned a consensus thumbs-up but the video drew the ire of song Gambians.

The footage, part of the Finally album launched last November, divided opinions over the images showing skimpily clad women posing around the singer.

Photo: the skimpily clad ladies drew the ire of some Gambians

The video has fetched 889,882 views with a combined ten thousand likes.

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