Prison Officer Admits to Wrongly Beating Prisoner for Touching “Girlfriend” Breast

A prison warden has offered his apologies to an inmate he confessed to beating for touching a female warden’s breast.

Being the officer-in-charge, Malang Tamba was adversely mentioned by inmates testifying before Gambia’s truth commission of overseeing their torture.

Tamba, who would later get axed from the job said he had beaten prisoner Falou for fondling the breast of female warden Fatoumatta Jarju.

A tailor by profession in the correction centre, Falou confessed to to the act when grilled but claimed she was his girlfriend and had been seeing him – a thing Ms Jarju debunked.

As one of today’s topics of the hearing turned to exposing sexual assault, Tamba said, in his effort to investigate the allegation, he had asked the assailant Falou to bring forth a witness supporting his case.

“Prisoner Falou Ceesay confirmed touching Fatoumatta Ceesay’s breast and he said she was his girlfriend. Fatoumatta denied it. Fallou claimed to have known Fatou in the prisons claiming Fatou comes to him for the sewing of her uniform even if it was not her turn,” Tamba says.

Continuing his testimony Tamba harped on: “Falou called a female witness who denied it (of Fatoumata being his girlfriend). Fatoumata claimed Yaya Jarju was her witness and that Falou touched her breast. I told Fallou that is sexual harassment. I told Falou I am going to give you 12 lashes as stated in the prison act. Instead, I gave him 15 lashes which I know was wrong.”

Malang accepted erring when put on the spot that the method of corporal punishment he meted out to the convict was against set out prison laws.

“Later, I realised I was wrong and when prisoners are punished they’re meant to be sealed but I did not seal him (Falou) and I went to him and apologised to him. I say thousand apologies to him. I know from here I will receive his message. I’m apologising to Falou or any other person I have wronged and I forgive anyone who has wronged me. Falou knows my home and I know his home,” he said as today sitting wrapped up.

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