“Our Governments Are Full of Educated Thieves,” Says Demba Conta’s Son

Eddie Conta has derided governments in Africa saying the continent’s movers and shakers are ridden with “educated thieves”.

Blasting Africa’s technocrats as “bigots”, Conta, who has strong views against Barrow’s leadership, said “thieves” educate their young ones and the show goes on.”

“Education surely enlarges and sharpens your character. If you were a thief before your PhD, guess what you will become after bagging the PhD. Our governments are full of educated thieves. Majority of our so called technocrats are educated, gluttonous bigots. The thieves educate their young ones and the show goes on. Yet we wonder why Africa never smiles,” he said minutes ago.

As recent as in April, the ‘Kano’ song maker, chastised vice-president Isatou Touray’s attribution of Gambian youths as lazy, labelling Barrow’s leadership as “clueless”.

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