“Gambians Will See the Truth and Won’t Speak It or Act On It,” Says E.N.C

Reggae dancehall king E.N.C has thrown a light dig at Gambians’ failure to help each other’s growth.

The singer did not specifically mentioned names but it appears his comments are a light reference to Jamaican YouTuber thatreggaeboy‘s recent increasing Gambian audience over his streaming reaction videos of music from the smiling coast.

thatreggaeboy was raking no less than two hundred views on his reaction channel but that soared incredibly when he began streaming Gambian videos.

Since then, the Jamaican has been consistently featuring Gambian singers which would be fetching him some huge bucks when Youtube finally pays him.

E.N.C -also one of the artistes featured on that channel -looked worried by Gambians ability to support one another.

“This country has always been a gateway for other people outside our borders in many ways. There are so many unoccupied gaps and vacant loopholes that we ourselves should occupy and make good use of, but no…. We prefer to all stay stuck at one saturated place where only the fittest can survive,” Generalo said.

He continued: “Recently Jamaican vloggers are seeing the opportunity they can capitalize on, its easier for them to have Gambian subscribers on their channels than even Jamaicans and the Caribbean diaspora. The main factor is that Gambians are not doing it for themselves, so they will grab the opportunity.

“Go to reggae dancehall parties all over Europe, its Gambian that “full up the dance” or the dance is even organized by a Gambian promoter, we have a small population but the most energetic people both online and on the ground. So you cant convince me we Gambians can’t come together and make the world see us

“Fact to the matter; if we don’t take up our own responsibilities then others will do it for us…and guess who wins? Them! Gambians will see the truth and won’t speak it, wont act on it and if a person like me says this then they will jump on me with the highest level of ignorance, but that’s fine…I won’t stop sensitizing.”

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