OJ Appeals for the Release of Convict Who Implicated Jesus and Serving 16 Years Jail Term for Armed Robbery, Theft

Politican Omar Jallow has appealed for the release of Soriba Conde, a key gang leader at Gambia correction centre.

Soriba was convicted on allegations of theft, armed robbery and organised crime in 2007. Between then he had escaped in a jail-break on two occasions prompting increase of his conviction to 16 years.

However, with nine months left of that sentence, OJ has appealed for Barrow to grant Guinea-born Soriba presidential pardon along with Lamin Jah, another convict.

Conde and Jah told their stories of torture at Gambia’s ongoing truth commission of violations meted out to them by prison wardens which included beatings.

At a reconciliation party this week during which perpetrators and victims met, OJ said: “Lamin Jah and Soriba have come and corporated here and we have heard what happened to them. Unfortunately for Lamin Jah, the mother was my sister and he passed away. I will appeal what has happened to them is enough. Let the TRRC also appeal to the president for them to be given presidential pardon so that they can continue to live in peace with their families.”

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