Boaky from the Ghetto: Story of the Rastaman Who Wants Wants to Become a Parliamentarian

It’s not everyday stories like this one are made. He sits confidently and unperturbed. He dons a hairdo -curly dread locks – which majority sitting around him would frown upon.

Additionally, he smokes weed – illegal dried leaves prohibited by government. Inhaling substances is a detested act in this part of the globe talk-less of the use of marijuana.
The very confirmation of a given politician being a user of Indian hemp should be enough catalyst to discourage voters from coming any near his path.
In Kwaku Boakye’s case, he is a regular taker of the drug. 
He doesn’t look bothered by consequence of his confession and wishing to defy all odds, he wants to be contest for a seat at the House of Parliament.
In the history of the region he comes from, never has it occurred of a deadlocked man being voted to public office much more at an important setting as being a law-maker.
Boakye knows he is entering untested waters but is unperturbed and hopes to win votes of the youthful population especially those at the ghettos.

“It’s true, people refer to me as a wee smoker but I won’t hide it. I know how to smoke wee – I smoke wee,” he says.
To Boakye, appearance takes a back-seat. He believes successive government have failed to represent the masses to the billing and getting into the corridors of powers offers him chance to help influence policies.

“People take me serious. I announced some two years ago that I was going to contest, people were happy and that encouraged me,” he said.
For the weed smoker aspiring legislator in Ashanti region Ghana, what detractors think of him matters little.

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