Fatu Camara Mocks Barrow, Asks President to Cut off Nail

Fatu Camara tonight made it her business to let off a slight dig at Gambia’s head of state Adama Barrow.

The journalist have been at loggerheads with the first family since passing of her awards, throwing few derides at namesake first lady Bah-Barrow.

Predictably, she came in for some serious tongue-lashing from Barrow’s supporters as attention turned to her.

Again, tonight, she made sure her attempt to get under the skin of the president or his followers is a plan well executed when she suggested the statesman cut of his nail.

Posting a recent picture of Barrow clad in a blue hat with a matching haftan, she first lauded the property-seller-turned leader’s colour taste but gave a thumbs-down to the protruding nail.

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