“Blood Was Coming Out of the Dead Body,” Relative of Gambian Man Killed by Jammeh’s Speeding Convoy Recounts Final Moments

Brother of a man killed by former president Yaya Jammeh’s over-speeding convoy has lifted the lid to his late relative’s final moments.

Musa Mathew was crushed to death shortly after reporting to work.

Appearing before Gambia’s truth commission investigating violations under the erstwhile regime, Mathew Bass said he spoke to his late brother Musa hours prior to his demise on the same day.

An electrician at Gambia’s Groundnut Corporation, Musa is said to have met his untimely death after reporting for work.

Occurring 28th June 2010, the deceased, a graduate of Chamen Electrical Institute, had tried crossing to the other end of the road when he got ran over by Jammeh’s car who is now in exile in Equatorial Guinea.

“I was on duty when I was called on that day when a cousin brother called me telling me Musa is involved in an accident. Later I called my colleagues and they told me the same thing,” Mathew begins to relay.

He continued: “Musa was called and he reported to work. After finishing the work, crossing from the other side to the next side, that is where he met with the convoy. And then the car hit him.

“His death has created a gap. We know we have lost someone. From what I see and how I feel about it, justice was not done with regards to the investigations.”

Telling of what happened later, the commission heard Jammeh sent no emissaries apart from the driver who jammed Musa and a superior of his who turned up at the funeral to pay their respects.

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