EUMEU SENE IN TROUBLE: Video Shows Wrestler Watching “And Doing Nothing”as His Guards Beat Thief to Death

Eumeu Sene has landed in hot water as a footage shows him impotently watching “without doing anything” as two of his security guards allegedly beat to death a thief who broke into his range rover.

Reports gathered over the saga suggest Eumeu -a top wrestler and former king of arena in Senegal’s arena – was in the house when three hoodlums broke into his home and tried forcing their way into his range rover.

It was then, news claim, security guards mounted a chase as two of the thieves escaped leaving behind Ibrahima Toure who got caught.

Commotion then broke out as the guards descended on the alleged thief Toure prior to the crowd of neighbours joining in the frenzy. Soon after, Ibrahim was tied by the hands and legs looking battered and bruised.

Various accounts explaining the scenario suggest Eumeu came out after being alerted by the commotion outside his residence.

Others say he was present when mob justice was being implemented on the thief while an alternate version claims he tried helping free up the thief from the gathered neighbours baying for Toure’s blood.

However, a new video has emerged, positioning Eume Sene at the scene donning a cap and a white vest, his hands in his pockets with a protruding pot belly.

Purported Video evidence: A figure appearing to be Eumeu could be seen on the right standing with hands in his pockets.

In the video, the former Bul Faleh or Mohamed Ndao Tyson understudy stood near crowd victim Toure who was bound on hands and feet looking exhausted.

The alleged thief was then taken to hospital and reportedly died soon after.

Two of Sene’s guards whose names have not been mentioned, are now standing trial on charges of murder.

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