Gambia’s Nollywood Star Princess Shyngle Sheds Pregnancy Weight after Miscarriage

Gambia’s sole star in the Nollywood industry Princess Shyngle reveals she has lost weight emanating from her recent pregnancy.

Based in the United States following her split with boyfriend Fredric Badji, the 30-year-old took in but lost the pregnancy.

The miscarriage occurred in the absence of her ex-beau, serving jail over fraud charges.

Her lost of the baby started when she bled on her bed and rushed to hospital where she was detained for a while before being released – in-depth details she captured during her discover Princess Shyngle series.

And weeks following her on-the-phone break up with Senegalese Frederic who even proposed to marry her from his jail cell, the Gambian piled on the weight soon after – a thing she’s taken step towards shedding.

Revealing she has already lost 5kg and is slowly walking back to her former coca-cola shaped body, Princess attributes her pound-shedding to Detox Tea , a drinkable substance she consumes and is selling.

“Even though I didn’t have my baby I was still pregnant for a few months and I added weight tremendously and you all saw how fat I was , my tiny waist gone , arms fat, ass huge, I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes and I hated it,” she said.

Photo: Princess Shyngle when times were tough

“Well We’re in all this together and that’s why I created the 28 Days Snatched By Princess Shyngle Flat Tummy and Detox Tea , I’m currently on day 14 and I’ve lost 5kg/11 pounds, my flat tummy is coming back with my small waist. My arms are smaller and I really feel great, my target weight loss is 8kg before the 28 days and I’ll be documenting everything for you all, I had to try the tea on myself first so y’all can see that it really works like magic. It helps with body detox, helps with bloating by getting rid of all the unwanted toxins in your body, it helps burn tummy fat, arm fat, thigh fat, it suppresses your appetite and it taste amazing,” she concludes.

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