9 Million Views In One Year: The Rise of OBoy and Child

O-Boy and Gambian Child are the biggest internet hit home-based Gambians.

Their rise could be term accidental if O-Boy music journey is to be assessed.

O-Boy, whose name is Omar Conteh, stubbornly entered a studio session impulsively asking to be recorded.

There and then, it worked like magic, paving way for what will become an interesting rise to the fore.

He will have to cash in on his Tv set to pay for recording fee of his first track with music producer Nova Sambou, now based in the United States.

That about set the motion buttons as he began to be in-demand at ceremonial functions with some decent pay.

Gambian Child, named Lamin Conteh, will chip in to compliment O-Boy in a partnership jelling to this day.

If a recent interview is anything to go by, O-Boy fetches home at least 30,000 Gambian dalasis on a night when booked, a figure most Gambian singers rarely get offered apart from Jizzle and ST.

Photo: O-Boy

Their popularity on Youtube is immense as they have now collected a total nine million views on five videos , the biggest being Imam which has racked up over three million views alone.

This year they duo opted out of the Gambia Music Awards citing insubordination.

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