Date Someone Who Has As Much Secrets As You -Says Fatu Camara after GAP Leader’s Leaked Nudes

Fatou has offered counseling, urging public figures to date or marry people who have as much secrets as them in case something goes public.

Ms Camara remarks followed the leaked nudes of Gambia Action Party leader Lamin Bojang’s making the rounds.

GAP are currently behind closed doors showdown talks hoping to resolve the issue.

And weighing into the impact of happenings in a social media crazed world, journalist Fatu suggest politician or public figures should get involved with only people who have as much skeletons in the cupboard as them.

“Dating these days…If you are a politician or a public figure and you want to be with someone, please let it be somebody who has just as much to lose as you do just in case anything goes public. Do not take a risk, not worth it at all,” she said.

Fatu is a mother-of-two and single.

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