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“Neither Adama Barrow Nor IGP Mamour Jobe Own The Gambia,” Says Madi, Two hrs after Being Freed by Police

Madi Jobarteh has chastised president Barrow two hours after being freed by the police.

Madi was until dropping of the allegations, facing possible court action over spreading false news.

The rancour teed off after Madi made comments about recent unresolved deaths spanning from 2017 during a Black Lives Matters protest he headlined last month.

The remarks, rather predictably, were viewed as uncomplimentary, prompting his invitation to Gambia’s police department in the capital Banjul where he was arrested and slapped with allegations.

Released was managed for him on bail.

Government have been coming in on the receiving end of derides from right organisations in lead up to his release today.

However, two hours following his freeing by police on a legion of allegations slammed as “draconian”, Jobarteh wasted little time to throw a slap across Barrow’s face including his police head.

If this was the Yaya Jammeh days everyone would have been asking where is Madi Jobarteh? I would have been first tortured and then killed and then disappeared like many before me. Therefore dropping the so-called charges is not the issue,” he said.

He continued: “

The real issue is the blatant abuse of power and the deliberate destruction of fundamental constitutional rights and the arbitrary violation of the Constitution by the IGP to think that he can arrest and detain any citizen as he likes and they slam them with bogus charges and then send them to prison just like that!

Neither Pres. Adama Barrow nor IGP Mamour Jobe own The Gambia and her citizens. Therefore for them to think that no one should criticize them for their inefficiency and abuse is the height of insult to the citizens! Madi Jobarteh shall never be insulted by any elected and appointed public official ever again!

It is unacceptable and no self respecting sovereign citizen should accept public officers to abuse our power and our institutions to harm us!”

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