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Alleged Naked Video of a Presidential Hopeful, Resignation Claims and Possible Showdown Talks Today -The Buzz this Week

Gambia Action Party’s Lamin Bojang was this week left umbraged by claims that his naked video is being circulated online.

As expected in such a circumstance for a public figure, he came out fighting to ward off taint from rubbing on his reputation.

Toxic is how Gambia’s political space has become amid widespread reports the video is yet another making by detractors who want him down at all cost for his recent comments against leader of a certain party who was only sacked from government last March.

Timing of the video -six months months away from an election year – had made it the more herculean not to imagine it isn’t an attempt by his critics at putting the former presidential guard in the trash-bin .

Tongues are wont to wag at such a leak and wag they did amid hysteria. It comes as a double blow -even if its weren’t true – for a party who only about last month alone had its founder Musa Batchilly allegedly embroiled in a scamming game.

GAP again came out fending off the claims and this time Bojang was at the centre of the furore attending to the pressing needs of the press -answering questions to put out the buzz.

So disturbed are the GAP by the viral footage that they’re intent on staging talks today first, at in-house level, then finally to the waiting press for the eager public to consume whatever that is of rebuttals or clarifications they might have reached.

One thing, this is not the first time a naked video is making the rounds and certainly won’t be the last involving a politician in a day and age when even the realest of videos could appear doctored.

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