FRAUD SAGA: Club Fans Attack German Police for Ransacking Gambian Footballer’s Home

Fans of Hamburg have leaped to the defense of Gambian footballer Bakery Jatta who had his residence raided by police.

The 21-year-old began the month of July with police launching a surprise attack in his home.

The wing-man is the subject of fraud probing after BilD newspaper claimed last August he is Bakary Daffeh and not Bakery Jatta.

Investigations were carried out by Hamburg’s regional office and FA for possible leads but it all turned out to be false.

However, police aren’t convinced about the Gambian and so stormed his house seizing phones, laptops in the hunt for evidence.

Infuriated by the action, fans of Hamburg issued a statement attacking investigators and standing by the Gunjur-born.

“Regardless of the completely ignored presumption of innocence, it does not matter to us whether Bakery was 17 when he fled from Gambia in 2015 or was of age,” 24hamburg -the fan group wrote in a dispatch.

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