Corker Tells Gambian Men: Stop Following Beautiful Women

Gambian men have been advised to desist from chasing beautiful women on the internet.

Founder of Elite Media Fatoumatta Rahman Corker’s comments comes on the back of a leaked naked footage making the rounds.

Gambia Action Party’s flag-bearer Lamin Bojang is mired in a video allegedly showing him naked – a thing the erstwhile presidential palace guard repudiates.

And contributing in the trending topic and while believing it’s a setup, Corker asks Gambian men to “wake up” and not get trapped in the Bandi-cam cajoling to personalities using beautiful women to charm them.

“Some of our men too should stop following beautiful women. Some of these women, half-castes or Toubabs will gain your trust and then do these things to you (leak your naked video). Our beautiful women in The Gambia are enough for you,” she said.

She dwelled on: “Stop joining these bandi cam. Is a website and they have very beautiful women who target people. And once they’ve gained your trust then….. A lot of Gambians are victims of bandi cam.It’s a set up (Bojang’s alleged video). These people are either in Benin or somewhere but I do not believe they’re in The Gambia.”

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