Touma Njie: Papa Njie, Marie Sock Did Not Perform Well at Debate

Banjul South lawmaker Touma Njie believes her party’s potential flag-bearer Papa Njie including Marie Sock performed short of her expectations.

The duo politicians were part of a televised national debate featuring figures harbouring intentions of upstaging incumbent Barrow at next year’s presidential elections.

A first time for all Barrow’s challengers to sell their agendas to a watching Gambian populace, most had expected Touma would hand the thumbs-up to Papa Njie in assessment of his performance at the debate.

However, to the shock of majority, she feels Njie shot below the belt including new entrant of the political league Marie Sock.

Delivering an honest assessment, the Banjul South legislators thinks Dr Ismaila Ceesay and Lamin Bojang were the standouts.

“Finally got the time to watch the full episode of the National Discussion with Haruna of Paradise TV. Honestly, it wasn’t one of the best. They all delivered below expectations. I was expecting the lady to be the cherry on the pie. She did not perform as I had expected . Papa Njie too , even though he’s from my party did not perform well.

“The performance of all four were below my expectation but with the Dr Ceesay and MR Bojang on the top side though Dr Ceesay did not answer the questions asked. Governing is not mere speculation , Gambling with peoples lives . I shall no longer give my vote to no one that hasn’t got any governance experience .we ve been bitten ones too many. My country is not a casino where you go and cast your luck. Go to the Parliament , get into governance, learn the ropes then try your luck .

“Gambia is not a football pitch. The bar has been lowered so much that we can have any TOM DICK and HARRY wanting to run the affairs of our dear nation . We must always look for the best, the educated , the exposed, the honest the empathetic. The world is now a global village and we must be able to blend it ,” she said.

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