“My Wife Was Doubting Me But…..,” Says Bojang as He Hints Leaked Nude Video Was Shared by Party Members

Lamin Bojang has come out fighting after an alleged nude video of him went viral.

The Gambia Action Party’s top dog, in a presser today afternoon, said he has been caused sleepless nights and even his wife initial doubted him.

“Most times when these types of things happen, the first person to be severely affected is your spouse . My wife has been doubting me when this incident occurred but Alhamdullilah when she went through every bit of the incident, she vowed and swore that we are going to stand in this shoulder to shoulder,” he said fighting back tears.

Referring to the footage an attempt to bury his political ambition, the retired general said the video was “distorted”, protesting his innocence.

Telling of how he learned of the leak, the erstwhile presidential guard said he was phoned of the alleged viral pictures by a UK-based Gambian prompting his decision to have the Interpol involved.

Intense investigations via acquiring the assistance of a UK-based computer guru while deploying his first informant as a go-between, he said, helped unmasked the scammers as being from Benin.

Sharing to the local press snippets of what occurred behind the scenes, Bojang, talking through sobs, said his handies were hacked into instead of his computer and discovered his own party members took turns to circulate the nude video.

“My faith now is stronger and there is no way somebody can force me to resign from politics. I want to tell Gambians that I am an innocent person and I have been used by criminals,” he told the press.

Latest on the trajectory, according to Lamin, Police have made print-outs of faces behind the scam.

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