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600 Workers Set to Lose Jobs after German Company Part Ways with Kairaba, Coral Hotels

Up to six hundred workers at both Kairaba Beach and Coral Hotels are on the cusp of being unemployed over the biting covid-19 pandemic.

It followed a German company’s decision to call it quits.

Meeting Point International (MPI) were tasked with managing the aforesaid properties but found it necessary to turn their backs over the pandemic leaving most at risk of joblessness.

The separation was result of activating the force majeure clause installed in the deal.

Handling the properties spanning from 2017, the decision to opt out, according to Hedi Ben Asissia, is prompted by Karafi and Sons Limited failure to ease off burden they’ve incurred during the coronavirus herculean times.

“Put yourself in our shoes how are you going to survive. We are not going out from Gambia without settling all the liabilities here in The Gambia,” Aissia said, revealing they’ve coughed up over 116 million to Gambia’s taxman and have close to a million dollar to settle on staff payment.

Karafi and Sons Limited are yet to issue a dispatch to clarify their side of the coin.

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