“He Gave Me €100 and I Ate It”: Flashback into the Final Moments of Ghanaian Who Gifted Soldier Money but Still got Killed

Today marks 15 years since the killing of migrants from Ghana.

A programme is being held this minute in their honour with families still left weeping over their loved ones.

Insight into how they were killed surfaced last year when it was turn of Yaya Jammeh’s former killers to confess their dealings.

Solo Bojang, Sanna Manjang, Omar Jallow, Alieu and Malick Jatta are the hit-men detailed to execute the migrants numbering about 44 on the suspicion of staging to overthrow Jammeh’s regime.

They were escorted by heavily armed soldiers to an unknown execution site and dumped in a well.

Gambia News recounts the most touching part of the killing involving soldier Oyaa Omar who was dashed a 100 euro note by one of the Ghanaian just second before execution.

Telling investigating commissioner what obtained seconds before the last Ghanaian was killed at close range and dumped by Sanna Manjang, Oyaa said: “So we were discussing until we reached at that point of the ditch. I took this man (Ghanaian migrant) up to the ditch. He was having a 100 euro note. He pulled it out and gave it to me. He told me that “it is not necessary for me to die with this”.

” He told me “you are living you may use it because you have been nice to me”. Sanna Manjang (one of the key killers) told me to finish him. He asked me to allow him to say his last prayers. I said go ahead. He knelt down to say his prayers then Sanna Manjang had already released the shot.”

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