“If Care Is Not Taken, the Health Fraternity Will Crumble,”Say Gambian Doctors over Coronavirus’ Increase in The Gambia

Gambian doctors are rendered worried over the surging amount of cases amid mounting fears it could wreck the country’s health sector.

The pandemic is on the surge with five deaths registered including nurses with many more doctors under quarantine.

The soaring rate of the situation has forced Gambian doctors into issuing a dispatch in expression worry over the public’s lack of adherence to laid down regulations.

Raising issues over the poor observance for social distancing in public gatherings such as market places as the Tobaski approaches, the document also faulted pubic figures for failing keep up too.

“As of date , there are 10 doctors, 12 nurses and 15 support staff infected with Covid-19 and more than 60 health workers under quarantine. Statistically, all odds are against the health system with the surge of cases.

“If care is not taken, the health fraternity will crumble and lose it stand in the fight against Covid-19 and all other health illnesses,’ part of the communique, issued by secretary general of association of resident doctors -The Gambia (GARD) Ramadtoulie Drammeh, said.

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