Kaddy Jarju: The Female Officer Who Achieved Fame for Braving Flood

By this latest gesture, gone are the days when Gambians choose not to celebrate their own.

This swift of paradigm is influenced by the internet -Facebook to be precise.

Coming at a time the internet got blame for the recent surfacing nude videos of Gambian men, there was finally something to come off mouths regarding social media.

Photo credit facebook: Kaddy Jarju getting promoted

Leading this change involved a curious passersby caught up in the rain at meeting point Westfield battered by flood emanating from all nooks and crannies causing traffic hold up.

Adding spice to it was the perfect timing of an intriguing moment involving a rather determined female police officer. Before, police officers are wont to take cover at nearby kiosks or shops to dodge the rain – a thing often fueled by their lack of rain gears.

Photo: Kaddy Jarju

However, this moment was a rare show of bravery from a young female officer whom Gambians will come to know as Kaddy Jarju.

She rolled up her sleeves and police black trousers uniform to about knee-level then entered the muddy water fused with whatever of conceivable dirt directing traffic.

The curious onlooker, identified as Tijan Wadda, took the picture unbeknown to a preoccupied Ms. Jarju then posted it on facebook.

Photo Credit: facebook painting

In a matter of minutes, the picture was shared on numerous platforms and is today one of the most popular photos in the Gambia getting close to little over 500,000 views as per page statistics.

Recalling how she received news of her viral picture, Kaddy said she was informed of it by a bosom at the Police Force before her commissioner’s call chipped in, breaking news of the police boss’s delight and willingness to see her at the unit’s headquarters the following Monday.

“My commissioner took me there and I thought I was first in trouble then they said I going to be promoted to a sergeant,” she said this week.

In the run up to this, Jarju was but a corporal.

Photo credit facebook: Tijan Wadda

Opinions though have been a bit divided but the extolling gain prominence despite some insisting elevation must be purely based on hard work and efficiency.

Today, she is one of the most popular police officers and responses have been kind with individuals, companies donating money and other valuables including a ram plus a Tobaski outfit.

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