From Trying to Commit Suicide, Allegedly Removing Her Ribs to Daring Sex-talks -Princess Shyngle, Gambia’s First Nollywood Star

Recognizable for her enviable coca-cola shape that has glued her to thousands of male admirers across the globe, Princess Shyngle is a star in her own league.

Gambians do not celebrate their living star but gloat over them at their passing. That perhaps explains reason for the kilograms of derides being thrown her path at the turn of each day.

However, regardless of the loathing she has to confront with, fuelled by willingness to standout and refusal to subscribe to mainstream views of a Gambian society’s definition of a woman, she will go down in history as the country’s first Nollywood star.

Born on December 25th 30 years ago, Shyngle hails from a middle-class income family and is a daughter to Winston Shyngle, Banjul’s erstwhile deputy mayor.

Having completed secondary Schooling at Gambia High, she took up a course in computing but ended up an event planner before opting to throw her hat ring, competing in Coca-Cola Gambia’s pageant.

Next Move Star Africa would become her ensuing stint, setting her up on the path to stardom and hence her entrance into the Nollywood industry.

The opportunity represented a dream come true for the Gambian, securing her chance to act with A-list stars like Juliet Ibrahim, John Dumelo and Martha Ankoma.

Today, she is not only known in the movie industry of both Nigeria and Ghana but is also a movie producer.

It’s won’t be unfair to claim Shyngle is known most outside of the cinema arena -social media to exact – where she has developed a notorious culture, posting daring pictures leaving little to the imagination.

Talking sex is considered a taboo in the views of majority Gambians however not Princess.

Videos of her, describing, in glowing details, how a man should satisfy her woman, are littered on the net.

About three hundred thousand short of reaching million followers on Instagram, Princess is queen of showbiz and has rolled it with the big boys in the game namely Ghana’s former Chelsea midfielder Micheal Essien.

Her liaison with Essien, lasting over one year, broke when she found out the Black Stars’ man was married. She has confessed to having a crush for Emmanuel Adebayor.

The 30-year-old’s male admirers continue to soar at the passing of each day owing to her irresistible shape and bulging derriere which most claim is result of surgical enhancement.

Although she continues to deny this, she is also reported to have gotten rid of her ribs in an effort to attain her current shape -allegations she denies.

About two years ago, there were reports bandied about suggesting Shyngle grew depressed and, at one point, contemplated suicide leading to her hospitalisation. She came out denying this, claiming she had a relapse.

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