After Gorrgi Mboob’s Suspension, Mai Fatty Argues: “We Must Not Punish Entire Law Enforcement with the Stick of one Individual”

Mai Ahmed Fatty has put out a solid argument coming to the aid of police following the suspension of Gorrgi Mboob.

Mboob is temporarily axed amid rife allegations he attacked a certain Ebrima Sanneh on his genitals who was arrested.

The incident, happening over the weekend, led the police repudiating Sanneh’s torture claims in a statement before the police boss asked its department spokesperson withdraw the dispatch.

The twist have had the police coming in on the receiving end of trolling as Gorrgi Mboob -accused of rights violations during the past regime -comes under fire and is placed under suspension pending probing into the saga.

And in the wake of this, Gambia Moral Congress’ supremo Mai Fatty came out making his stance known.

“As all of us express our disgust at the sub-institution of our law enforcement (Anti-Crime Unit) but that does not represent who we are as a people, and , it does not represent who the security institutions are,” he told a press briefing about few minutes ago.

Photo: Gorrgi Mboob is suspended.

“We must understand law enforcement agency conduct tremendous job in our country with little appreciation. I am not here as a spokesperson to the Gambia Police Force but we must not, as a country, turn enemy to law enforcement institutions. We must not as a country, punish the entire law enforcement agency with the stick of one individual or one agency or one unit of an agency,” he said.

He added: “Some of the lowest paid people in this entire sector, you will find them are in the prisons service. Some of them are earning 1,800 dalasis, or 1,500 per month. What can you do with that? You go to the Gambia police, they’re battling with serious issues. These are people who are lowest paid. Even uniform becomes a problem.”

Mboob last year got mired in a saga involving the death of market vendor which his Anti-Crime Unit is accused of perpetrating through beating the victim.

In reaction, youth of the market stormed his residence and raised it to the ground before 37 arrests were made leading to the prosecution of one – a case still stalling.

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