How Jamaican Top Star Mavado Made Millions In The Gambia

Mavado, like all Jamaican singers, is quite followed in The Gambia. This fervent affection could be traced back to the height of the star’s rivalry with Vybz Kartel.

Those behind the decision to bring the 39-year-old international certainly saw the profit they could reap and yielded enough of it when the concert was sanctioned

By March 7th 2017, Mavado was confirmed booked orchestrated by BigOEntertainent with presenter Fanta Ceesay standing side by side with him.

For an ace of the Caribbean’s calibre, it was just yet another show, among his itinerary of planned events for the year, this time at location Gambia.

It wasn’t the first time Gambians were going to set sight on a Jamaican singer performing live. The hype around the events reached fever pitch with ads littered in all crannies.

The venue was the gigantic Independence Stadium capable of holding up over 50,000 celebrants – a number only halved in recent times upon reflection of the complex’s fast becoming fragile state.

Thousands of locals flocked to Bakau in mad anticipation which was May 13th. Tickets were sold out for 600 on the surface while D1000 dalasis was for those meant to seat at the four ends of the pavilions.

The show was hailed a success but there were some who doubted it, dismissing it as a “turn off”. Hydara Karara was one of those, rating the playback performance of The Nobles the weekend before as “better than Mavados”.

However, the real talking point was in the programme’s immediate aftermath fuelled by estate-dealers Global Properties’ decision, under Gambian-born Saul Frazer, to steal the show by offering the then soon to be leaving singer a plot of their many acres of land.

Situated in Sanyang village, some west side of the country, the property, Gambia News understands, was about 10 acres where it was said David Constantine Brooks (Mavado) will establish a mansion.

Predictably, it set tongues wagging on the home front but even more in the Caribbean after the Jamaican posted it on his Instagram handle, spurring some sudden interest or better put, willingness by other Jamaican stars to touch down in The Gambia in the hope for a similar gesture.

Photo: Mavado signing Global Properties documents gifting him the land

Gambian singers lost control of their demons over the issue as Saul Sowe came on the receiving end of a blizzard of criticisms online.

Most Gam-stars, chastising the move, took a rethink of their comments or mildly put across their views fearing reprisal on account Sowe was, and still is, one of those CEOs who bothered to sponsor Gambian events.

Amadou Vypa said at the time: “You speak your mind they want to crucify you for it! Before you comment on a post, throw shade or send something subliminal read it properly.

“Amadou Vypa Secka, didn’t say what global did is wrong, nor should Movado not get a plot of land and whatever he decides to do with the land too is not my concern and whatever reason global did for tamit du suma yawn! And I didn’t say whatever negative thing you are saying

“I just said something simple I would love to see Gambian artists getting lands, simple self contains or a Bangalore and simple cars too, didn’t say mansions, range rovers or planes by the way.”

Screenshot of Vypa’s comment in 2017

The likes of Gee, Sophia Bass all followed to brood over their “neglect” and “poor show of support” to home-based artistes by Gambian companies.

It’s three years since that incident.

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