Using Naked Ladies In Turn By Turn Video -How Jizzle Beat ST to Hit 1 Million Views

Jizzle’s talent is unquestionable. From lyrics, diction all, if not unmatched, definitely stands out.

Named Jerreh Jallow, Jizzle was this year crowned Gambia’s number one singer. That feting is glaring testament of his works garnering recognition not only in Gambia but outside of its frontiers.

Using Afro-pop as genre now, a swift from the rap-ndaga he had to begin with in the early days of his career, Jizzle has been winning followers and still is.

Photo: Jizzle

Last year, he upped not only his game but his video lines featuring raunchier moves to drive views. His Turn By Turn hit track is evident of this.

One of the tracks that must have swayed judges at Gambia’s music awards January this term leading to his eventual crowning, skimpily clad ladies showed much in the footage.

While it’s unclear whether they’re Gambian, Jerreh got slammed for the footage as he sat on the back of the one of the ladies donning black lingerie and showering in a pool.

Photo: Someof the ladies were skimpily dressed

This, most pundits suggest, is contributing factor for the million views the track has attained this week unlike ST Brikama Boyo, his associate in the game, who is yet to attain the feat from a single video but looks on the brink of it at least before elapse of the term.

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