“I Was Just Crying at the Hospital,” Gambian Lady Narrates Coronavirus ordeal with Husband

A Gambian lady has explained ordeal she went through with her Senegalese husband having contracted the feared pandemic.

Codvid- 19 is human-killer ravaging up to sixteen people in the space four moths since the epidemic-turned pandemic first hit Gambia in March.

Cabinet ministers are already caught up in the web with four officials from Barrow’s government declared positive including deputy leader Isatou Touray.

And worried by the soaring number of cases, Senegal-based Gambian Janine Joseph Maroun who recovered from the ailment, endeavoured to give insight into her journey with the disease.

Narrating how it happened, Janine said her husband woke her up around 3:00am complaining of fever and joint pain.

“I check him he had high fever and his legs were really weak. He couldn’t straighten his legs. He had to take him to the hospital because I was thinking it was malaria because normally when you have malarial, it holds your joint and all that,” she said.

Janine continued: “They tested him for malaria and it was negative but they didn’t test him for the covid. They just gave him drips. When we came back home, he was actually strong maybe a little bit weak. He was ok. Two days later, I felt sick, I felt really weak. I had headache. He (her husband) woke up in the morning and said “Baby I’m going to work”. I told him I had headache but he wanted to stay but I said “is ok. When it gets serious I will call you”. Around 1pm I felt really weak. I called him and then he came back home and took me to the hospital. They (doctors) did the same thing that they did for him (gave him drips). But it was much better than before. I can remember crying at the hospital. I came back home watching France 24 and they were saying when you have the sickness you lose your sense of smell.

“So he told me “I think I need to do the test,” because he said I can’t smell anything. I took his perfume and sprayed in his nose but he couldn’t smell anything. So I said ok maybe we should do the test. I call them (covid-19 doctors) they came and picked us around 10pm so in two days the test came out. I have asthma. I was numb. Two days later, I got a call, she was like “you guys tested for the covid”. So she said “your test is out and you guys tested positive”. It was a shock.”

The couple reached the hotel designated for quarantining late in the evening where they were kept under watch for 15 days.

“So just to let you know that sickness is real. When we were there , he (husband) was not on any medication. I was coughing alot. He came out negative. He was tested again he came out negative nd i was still positive. that got me really stressed.

The couples

“If you have two negatives you can go home but obviously he was gong to wait for me. So then I had a positive again and then later. And two days later, i was drinking this African herb. I did the test two days later and then it was negative. And then i did the test again and it was negative. We were so happy,” Maroun said.

Her decision to come out is geared towards raising awareness to Gambians back home.

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