Barrow Reduces Number of Hrs for Traders In Desperate Attempt to Control Coronavirus

President Barrow has reduced hours traders are meant to spend selling or buying at or around local markets in a frantic attempt to curb coronavirus.

The latest development is a decision aimed at revising laws imposed for the state of emergency and the new 21-day curfew put in place.

Trades are dealing in food stuffs are now to open from 6:00 am to 2pm each day while those dealing in non-food stuffs open from 3pm to 7pm.

Additionally, retail outfits outside of markets, a dispatch from the presidential palace says, open from 6:00am to 3pm.

However, all markets throughout The Gambia shall remain close on Sundays for routine cleansing and fumigation. The closures do not affect food vendors or shops outside the markets,” part of the release from State House read.

Reactions to the release have been of mixed feelings but government argues the move is intent on containing the rampaging virus that has claimed at least thirty-three (33) lives in the space of five months.

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