Lizzy All Sparkling In Latest Pictures

Lizzy, one of the duo group of Lizzy and KG, an afro-hip hop musical band from the Gambia, is looking all loved up this weekend.

Actually the pair are siblings hence their striking resemblance.

Lizzy, also a lead back up today took time to shower fans with some glitzy pictures striking in different poses.

Donning a black top laced with some intriguing but lingering tri-coloured woven neck braces, she completed her fashion sense with brown trousers.

As she fastens wrist silver-coloured amulets, she upped her teasing appearances with a black head-tie supported by a thrilling green black ground.

The group’s last release is titled Eko Mung but their finest this year has been Love or Hate in which they collaborated with Big Faa.

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