Barrow: “Everyone of Us Has the Common Responsibility to Stop the Spread of Covid-19”

Barrow tonight tasked every Gambian to make it a duty to help contain the rampaging coronavirus.

Gambia is being ravaged by the pandemic with the death toll on the increase at the passing of each day.

And making an appearance after 14 days of non-show despite being cleared of contracting the pandemic, Barrow said minutes ago in a recorded footage: “The reality is that we all have a responsibility in enforcing the measures put in place whether we’re in position of authority, enforcement or residents of the Gambia. Everyone of us has the common responsibility of to prevent, contain and stop the spread of covid-19. No one else will do it for us.”

While wishing the sick recovery and paying homage to the death, the Gambian leader urged citizens to act as a unit during these torrid times.

The State House occupant have been coming in on the receiving end of derides for his prolong absence on telly and addressing this, he added: “I appreciate many of you would want me to address the nation often and I want to assure you, I will do so whenever the need arises.”

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