Police to Hold Parents “Accountable” for Exposing Children to Dangers Amid Curfew and Coronavirus

Gambia police department have grown worried over the surge of violence against women and children over the ongoing curfew.

The West African nation is experiencing curfew for the first time after decades as the coronavirus eats deep into a nation with an ill-equipped health sector.

Cases of the pandemic are soaring as well as number of deaths but of latest wave of worry for the law enforcement department is the jumping incidents of violence meted out against women and dangers children are left exposed to.

The Office of the Inspector General of Police has observed with great concern the manner in which children are left on the highways, markets, car parks, and other public places engaged in petty trading, selling of bananas, water, groundnuts among other things,” a release from the police headquarters read.

It continued: “Most of these are school going children and therefore expected to be staying at home protected from covid-19. This is the ultimate purpose for the closure of schools by the Ministry of Education.It is however sad to see many of these vulnerable children exposed to negative vices and societal ills with potential to harm their future.

“In certain instances they are even involved in Road Traffic Accidents along the highways.The general public particularly parents are strongly advised to ensure that children stay at home and not left loitering or selling along the roads and markets.Parents or guardians who are found negligent will be held accountable for failure to protect children from covid-19 and related dangers.”

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