Activist Rubbishes Government “Lies” over Slow Repatriation of Gambian Girls Trapped in Lebanon

Victim of human trafficking-turned activist Fatou Jagne today took a swipe on government for what she calls the status quo’s failure to quickly repatriate Gambian women trapped in Lebanon.

At least forty Gambian ladies are trapped in Lebanon after being hoodwinked into believing they would be offered jobs only to realise they were being trafficked.

Latest reports over the situation there, intimate some of the Gambian ladies are barely feeding after being rendered cash-strapped.

And situation of the ladies today infuriated Jagne, who wasted little time to take an aim at Gambia government and Saikou Ceesay, an official of Gambia’s foreign affairs ministry, blasting them for “lying to Gambians constantly over situation of girls trapped in Lebanon”.

“The amount of lies Saikou Ceesay is lying to the media, I can’t just digest it. This is frustrating. This is just too much for me. This is one reason why I gave up on the Gambia government. I do not believe in government’s theory of facilitating travel documents for these girls until I see these girls touch down in The Gambia,” Jagne, said relating her

At least 36 emergency passports have been arranged to ensure the women reunite with their families.

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