Filmmaker Waggeh Suggests Police Officer Kaddy Jarjue’s Style of Promotion in Civil Service

Prominent filmmaker Ebou Waggeh has suggested promotion in the public service be based on “performance contract”.

The Waxmedia CEO’s remarks are inspired by the recent elevation of Kaddy Jarju to a police Sergeant.

Miss Jarju last month hugged the headlines after she was photographed directing traffic in a heavy flood with her trousers rolled up to about knee levels amid biting rain.

It took a single moment of action, of snap and of a single post for the footage to gain prominence on social media leading rallying calls for her promotion due to her “act of bravely”.

She, consequently, got lavished with goodies in cash as well.

And drawing inspiration from this, video guru Waggeh suggests for consideration of promotion on account of performance contract.

Photo: Ebou Waggeh

“Sgt Kaddy Jarjue was promoted because her job was seen to be done under unusual conditions, which, unfortunately most other civil servants would not do but still want that promotion. Here is what I am thinking. Let us start judging public servants based on visible achievements of their work functions and then use that to promote them. If a pot hole on the road is left to degenerate into a crater, we know who not to promote or even sack. It is called Performance Contract. It was here before for public enterprises and it worked.But unfortunately like most acquired standards in this country it fell on the wayside,” he said.

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