“I and Many Gambians Spent 4 Months In a Deadly Prison in Tripoli Because …..,”

Amid ongoing campaign for a cease to trafficking in humans, a previously smuggled Gambian has come out sharing his experience of neglect during a time he was trafficked.

Vividly touched by the plights of 40 Gambian women trapped in Lebanon who barely feeding and are yet to be repatriated, Bai Mustapha Sallah revealed he got detained once in far away Tripoli.

Detailing his own ghastly narration and describing trying to settle in a foreign land a “hell on earth” especially in the Middle East, Sallah said his torrid times occurred during early days of president Barrow’s regime.

“As an Irregular Migration or Victim of Human Trafficking trying to settle in a foreign land can be like living in a HELL on earth and most especially in these so called Arabian countries,” he recollects.

Now married and a staunch activist out to see an end to the conundrum, Mustapha said he was lured by fellow Gambians whom he claim pretend “like nothing is wrong”.

He said: “I and many Gambian migrants spent four months or more in a deadly prison in Tripoli simply because the Gambian government couldn’t come to our rescue on time….The first chartered flight full of migrants from Tripoli couldn’t take off from Mitiga International Airport simply because the Gambian government could not issue a landing permit on time…”

Dwelling on, he noted: “Gone are the days, we understand everything was new that time but now we have a stable government even though you are corrupt. We can’t sit and watch our women suffering in Lebanon, the Nigerian government has repatriated many of its women. Bring them back and help them reintegrate into the society socially and economically. “

Meanwhile, at least 36 emergency travel documents have been arranged to help ensure the 40 Gambian women reunite with their families.

Photo: Fatou Jagne has been a ferocious voice in the quest to curb trafficking in humans and blasted Barrow’s government

Earlier, Fatou Jagne, another victim-turned activist, was today morning unforgiving of what she refers to as government’s many “lies”, insisting she won’t be buying into any “tales told” until she sees the women are back.

Photo : one of the Gambian ladies breaking down in tears at the protest

Distraught Gambians trapped in the Middle East of recent waged a protest at a Gambian embassy demanding they be returned.

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