“We Were Forced to Sign It Against Our Will,” Gambians Stranded in Lebanon Expose Barrow Government’s Safe Face Plots

Gambians trapped in Lebanon have exposed Barrow’s government attempts to exonerate from an impending embarrassment.

More than thirty girls are trapped in Beirut for nine months despite numerous pleas asking Barrow’s leadership to facilitate their repatriation.

It required intervention of a certain Lovette Jallow, a Gambian philanthropist, who bought flight tickets for the women, spending little over two million Gambian dalasis in the process.

The government consequently came under fire for giving a varying story over the situation amid accusations of gross inaction at the occupiers of State House.

A document last week surfaced suggesting the girls have agreed to be repatriated on government terms -a claim the ladies deny today in series of videos posted on line.

“We came out today to make a good clarification about issue of the leaked paper saying that the Gambian girls have signed this. We signed that against our will. When we came to the consulate we found the police were there. The consulate asked us to sign it as fast as possible. If you want to read they will not let you read it. So we want to clarify that we signed that against out will,” one of the speakers said in English.

The Barrow government is yet to issue a statement reacting to the latest remarks.

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