Journalist Fatu Camara Fed Up Of Men Asking Whether She Is Married

is it attention seeking stunt or a bluff? Fatu Camara has grown fed up of men proposing marriage to her through social media.

Beautiful and radiant as always, the journo is one of the most sought-after singles in the market.

Judging by her recent postings and videos, perhaps one thing that’s pushing admirers towards her is her looks and shape having made it a routine to burn calories by frequenting the gym.

And still unmarried with two kids from her previous marriage, Ms Camara today thought it necessary to ward off admirers, tell them to go do their “home work”.

Photo: Fatu is a gorgeous woman

“There is nothing more annoying than grown men sending nonstop messages asking a woman if she is married or not. If you like someone, go out there and do your homework. Some guys really want it too easy. Stop sending love messages and marriage proposals on social media, nobody takes you seriously. Alang!,” she said.

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