As Coronavirus Takes Toll, Gambia Converts Football Stadium to Covid Testing Centre

Gambia’s big football main stadium has been converted to a testing centre as coronavirus take its toll on the West African country.

Cases are on the rise with confirmed incidents of the pandemic hitting at least little over two thousand with deaths pegged below 100.

Of good news is, patients recovering are on the surge but the cases of incidents remain a tough task to curb with social distancing still a set back among the Gambian public.

As a result, the main football stadium hosting international and important local games, have been converted to a sample collecting avenue for those looking to determine their status.

Photo: Stadium

The aforesaid facility is one of four testing centres created by government in a desperate attempt to contain the covid claiming lives across the globe.

Anyone who wants to do a COVID-19 test could have their sample collected from the following sample collection points:

1. Independence Stadium in Bakau, KMC (sample collection started and ongoing)

2. Buffer Zone in Latrikunda, KMC(sample collection started and ongoing)

3. Brusubi Main Roundabout, WCR, adjacent to the Petroleum Building(sample collection started and ongoing)

4. Brikama, WCR, behind Mbalet Junction(sample collection will start on Monday, 7th September 2020) Samples will be collected from these sites only on week days, Monday to Friday from 9:30am to 3:00pm each day.The public is reminded that while at the sample collection sites, they should strictly adhere to COVID-19 prevention and Control measures including use of facemask, physical distancing and hand washing/sanitising.

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