“When Yaya Jammeh Was Raping Me, He Asked Me Who Are You?”

Toufah Jallow has revealed agony she endured when she was being allegedly raped by former president Yaya Jammeh.

Based in Canada, Toufa last year shocked Gambians when she accused the exiled erstwhile military man of rape.

In a testimony delivered at the ongoing truth commission now suspended over the pandemic, Toufah claimed Jammeh had canal knowledge of her against her will at the presidential palace while incantations were being held in celebration of the prophet’s birthday outside the villa.

“When Yaya Jammeh was abusing me he asked me “who are you”. I will prefer to face him (Jammeh) face to face in a court of law. I don’t mind if that is ten years or 20 years or 50 years.

“Even if it takes me my entire life, that is my fight. I will first reintroduce myself to Yaya Jammeh. “Good afternoon or good evening my rapist, my name is Toufah Jallow”. I want to say the statement to him in his face,” Toufa told VM International TV.

Named Fatoumatta Jallow, Toufah angered Jammeh’s followers when her story broke mid last year months before her return to Gambia and eventual testimony.

Photo: Jammeh

A 56-year-old now, Jammeh has been caught up in a web of sexual molestation allegations including rape from his erstwhile body guards to cooks since leaving power in 2016.

Toufah came into contact with Jammeh during her participation at a pageant organised by the ex- head of state and claimed to have been showered endless gifts later by the then president before being proposed marriage while a college student.

In a moving story that had her weeping, Ms Jallow said she had to flee into exile on hot pursuit from ruthless state agents after turning down the marriage proposal boarding boats to cross to Senegal where she sought asylum to Canada.

Jammeh has never bothered appearing before the TRRC but has always denied allegations thrown in his face in a leaked phone conversation with some members of APRC.

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